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I was wearing this necklace when I met Phil Ortiz. He drew me Simpsonized. He also added the necklace in the picture. How cool is that?

I searched online to see if there was any pattern to curse words hidden as symbols. There is no pattern. I was surprised, I figured there would official writers way to type it that no one used. I disappointed there is not one. I wanted to be able to say I did it the proper way. #&*%

Moon Valley Reptiles (3 strand necklace)

My friend helped me with installing plugins and use wordpress more efficiently. I wanted to make her something as a thanks and since she has a business selling reptiles and goes to reptile conventions I figure making something to help promote that would be great.

Her favorite color is green I wanted to have that on the necklace. I struggled finding the right beads, in the end I thought wood beads and green beads would work, I found out I had some green leaf shape beads which I thought would go well with the theme. I then came across some shiny bronze looking beads in my collection that I added for a little more variety. Since my friend is left handed I made sure the clasp would be on the left side when it was being put on. It is is something small, but I think important to make it easy to quickly put on a necklace.

I actually made this and then cut it up and made it again. The letter beads where terribly out of line on the different strands. Plus the wood beads would sometimes slide over the crimp beads holding them in place. After remaking it the letter beads are correct and I was happy and think my friend was very happy with the necklace.




Skeleton Necklace

I had a friend who commissioned something for his soon to be 14 year old sister.  She liked things like vampires/paranormal romance, skulls, the colors pink and black.

After much discussion and my thinking I would get to make her a pair of pink skull earring (Sadly her ears are no longer pierced). We decided that a necklace would be good.

It was hard to choose between the coffin or a charm from “The Corpse Bride” I had. I ended up going with the coffin because it was bigger and it opened. I knew I wanted to use some spikes I already had, they just looked so cool to my inner 14 year old.  The chain was also an easy decision, even though I sat out 3 different ones, it was sorta pointless since this one was it. The big circles and gunmetal it just called to me to be used, the other chains job was to just reconfirm that.

I still wanted to use the pink skulls and my friend he said it was fine to put them on it, but left it up to me. In the end, I decided when you are 14 you can have pink skulls on your necklace! And if you look at the picture where it’s on me, they could almost be mistaken for earrings.

Hanging at the end of the necklace is a connector that looks like a bone and I added a heart at the end. I found these by accident when I was at the bead store trying to find gunmetal jump rings in the right size.

I am pleased with the necklace and my friend said his sister liked it.



Bunny and Books.

I made this for a friend. I just asked her what kind of jewelry and what kind of materials. She wanted a necklace made of chain.

I decided on a charm. No I wanted more than one charm, but not to many. I started with some book charms I have, she a huge reader. I needed one more… Of course, someone who likes bunnies should have a bunny charm! Finding them are easy, finding one you like, slightly harder.

Now the big part was the chain, I wanted a chain that was not completely traditional. Nothing I had worked. Looked at many stores. Just when I thought I would have to settle, I remember a big bead store into another city. They had just what I was looking for, I may go back and get more, since I really love this chain.

Pictures and Necklace

Taking pictures of my jewelry is surprisingly hard. I would take a dozen and none will turn out right. At one point I thought I would photoshop out all the lint, but then realized some people might think I manipulated the jewelry some how (I found a lint brush. Why didn’t I think of that before taking the pictures?).

Here is a fun necklace with some lint showing; “Fly Me To The Moon.” A great song and the ending song to the anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. Dozens of versions have been done for “Evanglion”, but I’ll never forget the version done by Frank Sinatra.

Necklace Fly Me To The Moon

In Other Words… Hold My Hand.



Hello, I think “Challenge” is a great title. It is a challenge to start a new blog and I finished a necklace for a bead store challenge. Also need to challenge myself to make more jewelry.

I had planned on making this site only geek jewelry, but now I’ve decided to include non-geek jewelry.

Copper and Blue Necklace with a pair of earrings to match

Copper and Blue necklace and earrings