Ghost Earrings

In time for Halloween, I made myself a pair of ghost earrings.

They are a little heavy, but since you only wear them for a few days in one month of a year, it’s worth it.

Maybe I should have added some fire and made a “Burning Ghost.”

Commissioned piece

A coworker saw one of my necklaces and commissioned this piece.

This bracelet caused me many issues. I first made it with just the large beads, but then it was very hard to put it on, the large bead stop the bar from going through the hole. I then tried it with a lobster clasp, but hated how it looked, so back to the toggle clasp. I found these small skulls and it worked, but it took a little more effort then my coworker liked. After this picture, I took off one of the small skulls and put on some seed bead so it would be easy to get the bar through the hole.

Sad to see it go, may have to make one for myself.


Acme anklet. Is it “Acme Corp”, “Acme Inc” or “Acme Products?”

Whatever it’s name, expect it to blow up in your face. Poor Wile E. Coyote.


I had this pink (or is more salmon) thread (Sadly you can’t see the sparkly in the thread) and was poking around in the letter beads and out popped “power.”  I like this bracelet, because of the strength in the words and color. I also get the song “She’s Got The Power”, from the English dub of the anime Sailor Moon stuck in my head. That song is one of the better Dub songs and goes well with the idea of a “Power” bracelet.