Pictures and Necklace

Taking pictures of my jewelry is surprisingly hard. I would take a dozen and none will turn out right. At one point I thought I would photoshop out all the lint, but then realized some people might think I manipulated the jewelry some how (I found a lint brush. Why didn’t I think of that before taking the pictures?).

Here is a fun necklace with some lint showing; “Fly Me To The Moon.” A great song and the ending song to the anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. Dozens of versions have been done for “Evanglion”, but I’ll never forget the version done by Frank Sinatra.

Necklace Fly Me To The Moon

In Other Words… Hold My Hand.



I have a logo in the works, it looks great so far. What you see right now is a quick drawing I did which I put with a picture I took of fire. I have a professional working on the logo.

The Burning Ghost


Hello, I think “Challenge” is a great title. It is a challenge to start a new blog and I finished a necklace for a bead store challenge. Also need to challenge myself to make more jewelry.

I had planned on making this site only geek jewelry, but now I’ve decided to include non-geek jewelry.

Copper and Blue Necklace with a pair of earrings to match

Copper and Blue necklace and earrings